A corporate clay target-shooting tournament was held at OJSC Severneftegazprom


The competition took place in the shooting center «Strelets». Six teams competed for cups and medals in individual and team championships: Forward (Shifting camps and administrative buildings operation office), Turbo (Department of technological transport and special equipment), Vystrel (Department for Repair, Reconstruction and Construction of fixed assets), Forsage (Department of material supply), SHIELD (Corporate Security Department), Bolshoi caliber (Management department). The team consists of five people: three men and two women.

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Male athletes fired at moving targets, alternately from five shooting positions, each with their own spawn zone and flight path. The women were supposed to hit fixed targets set at a distance of 30 meters from the shooting position.

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The severe frost only strengthened self-confidence, added drive and enthusiasm. The weather did not spoil the shooting - there was no wind or fog, although hands were cold and freezing, but this did not stop the brave employees of the Company, who decided to compete for the title of the most accurate sportsman.

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«The clay target shooting tournament has already become traditional for our company. Holding such competitions contributes not only to the popularization of this sport, but also has a positive effect on strengthening the general corporate spirit. I wish all the participants a firm hand, a true eye, and, of course, may the strongest win, and we all benefit from these competitions», said Igor Voskresensky, Acting Deputy General Director for Personnel Management of OJSC Severneftegazprom, opening the competition.

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According to the results of the competition, the best among men were:

1st place - Alexey Zhashkov (Vystrel team)

2nd place - Vladimir Patsyuk (Turbo team)

3rd place - Ildar Baimurzin (Shield team)

Among women, the most accurate were the following:

1st place - Elena Tikhovetskaya (Shield)

2nd place - Dinara Khismatullina (Vystrel)

3rd place - Irina Tamazlykar (Shield)

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Dinara Khismatullina, technician of the department of planning and analysis of the effectiveness of investment activities, the youngest participant of the competition showed excellent results: «Today I had two goals: not to freeze and not to miss. Despite -25 °C, I felt warm, we warmed ourselves in a heated house with hot tea, it was warm also from the support of the fans, from their encouraging words». Dinara did not miss, taking second place in the individual championship. The girl said that in the first training session, she never hit the target, on the second, on the contrary - luck was on her side. She, inspired by her successes, decided to take part in the competition and made the right decision.

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Olesya Chugunova, deputy head of the planning and economic department, on the contrary, used to be engaged in shooting, a rather experienced participant in competitions: «I was engaged in bullet shooting. She became interested in clay target shooting six years ago. However, for three years she had not taken any weapon in her hands. Today I decided to shoot, some kind of nostalgia, I want to remember that funny time...»

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Elena Tikhovetskaya, an accountant of the 1st category, a beginner, had never been involved in shooting before. She managed to attend only two trainings and became the best in the individual championship among women. «I would like to thank the instructors for training and colleagues for their support. The gun was heavy, and my fingers were numb in the cold. However, I hit nine targets out of ten. It is just some kind of miracle! I am very happy, unexpected and pleasant».

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Alexey Zhashkov, head of the technical department: «I don’t do clay target shooting purposefully. But before the hunting season I come to «Strelets» to train. In general, I am pleased with myself. There were worthy rivals, and we had to fight. However, victory is not the most important thing today. A team has gathered here, friends have met, a pleasant environment for communication outside the walls of the office. We had a good time and Friendship has won».

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As a result, the prize places in the team championship were distributed as follows:

1st place – SHIELD (Corporate Security Department)

2nd place - Vystrel (Department for Repair, Reconstruction and Construction of fixed assets

3rd place - Bolshoi caliber (Management department)

We sincerely congratulate the most accurate, sharp-sighted and courageous employees of the Company!

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