Severneftegazprom is committed to maintaining the environment in its original state. For this reason, the company fulfills the requirements of environment laws and regulations and strives, in that way, to minimize the effects of its activities on the environment.

Conducting large-scale and promising projects, carrying out planned work for developing the field, Severneftegazprom devotes considerable attention not only to hydrocarbon production but also to the environmental aspects of its work. We have a charge that goes beyond achieving commercial results.

Development of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field is done in accordance with requirements in Russian laws and particularly in adherence, among others, to social and environmental norms and standards.

For us, public opinion on the activities of the company plays an important role. Therefore, we have developed and implemented the Severneftegazprom Action Plan for Consultation with the Public and Disclosure of Information. This plan is designed to assist the company to react in timely fashion to the opinions of residents of the areas in which we work.

In the environmental sphere, the company is determined to prevent environmental pollution to the maximum extent possible and to minimize the effects of production on natural surroundings.  We believe that the greatest contribution to that goal that we can make is to maintain the impeccable technical condition of our production equipment and to carry out nature-conserving measures fully.

According to the scheduled control plan the accredited laboratory (the Federal State-Funded Institution ‘The Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurements in the Ural Federal District’ (TsLATI)) takes measurements of pollutant emission from stationary sources to observe the norms of maximum permitted emissions annually. During the period of the field exploitation there have been no registered deviations. No accidental discharges or pollutant emissions have been registered during the time.

The company strives to operate in compliance with the Equator Principles and the standards for environmental and social management promulgated by the International Financial Corporation.

Modern technologies used during gas production and treatment have succeeded in meeting demands for industrial and environmental safety. Similarly, international standards have been successful in improving health, safety, and the environment.   

In addition, the company has created a program for monitoring the environment that imparts objective data on sources of harmful discharges, carries out control, and designs effective environmental conservation activities. The company considers solicitous regard for the environment and maintenance and rational use of natural resources as being among the highest principles guiding its operations.

Ecological Report OJSC Severneftegazprom 2016

 2023 OJSC Severneftegazprom