OJSC Severneftegazprom is the copyright holder of a computer software product

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The Company became the copyright holder of the computer program «Kontur «System of applications». Authors of the program: Alexey Zharov, Ivan Nosov, Andrey Chernyshev.

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The program is designed to automate the processes of managing requests, including accounting, control, monitoring of processing, managing the status of requests, monitoring the execution and acceptance of results.

The program can be used in enterprises of any kind of activity. It provides the following functions: fixing and registering an action request; storage of applications, registration of applications; routing the processing of requests (setting up arbitrary business processes); control of the passage of processing points of applications, control of the status of applications (registration, approval, execution, acceptance of results); generating a report on applications.

This software has been successfully put into operation within the framework of the IMS EDMS operation. The application system used not only in the activities of the Company's information and control systems service (applications for connection to information resources, applications for changes in information resources), but also in the management of technological transport and special equipment (applications for the provision of transport services and lifting mechanisms). At present, on the basis of the developed software «System of applications», adaptation to the needs of the service for administrative and economic support is being carried out. The potential of this computer program in the Company has not been exhausted and can be used in many areas of accounting requiring the application system.

Co-authors of the software «Application System» computer program Ivan Nosov and Aleksey Zharov, like all employees of the Company's information and control systems service, are highly active in innovative activities. The specifics of the work of the information management systems service is closely related to the development, implementation and optimization of software products. At the turn of the era of automation and digital transformation, information technology, a priori, is a generator of new innovative ideas and solutions, unique software products and systems.

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