OJSC Severneftegazprom has received a patent for an invention «Wastewater collection, treatment and transportation system»

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As a socially responsible company, OJSC Severneftegazprom strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment in the production process. The success of the business is determined not only by a competent choice of existing equipment and technologies, but also by the ability to design their own technical developments. Innovative solutions ensure maximum efficiency of the process and allow the Company to develop in accordance with the requirements of the time.

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In July 2021, the Company has received a patent for its own invention «Wastewater collection, treatment and transportation system», the proposed technical solution allows to reduce the corrosivity of treated household and industrial rainwater flowing in the equipment of the collection, treatment and injecting waste water into the absorbing stratum. The patented design ensures the reliability and durability of the sewage treatment plant pipelines, as well as reduce the risks of equipment failure and the negative impact of wastewater on the environment.

The technological scheme of the system is quite simple. In modular buildings of reagent dosing units, consisting of supply tanks and input units, it is envisaged to introduce a corrosion inhibitor composition into protected pipelines transporting waste water. The pipelines of the chemical reagent injection units are made of stainless steel. Its diameter was chosen according to the results of hydraulic calculations. On each of the protected sections of the pipelines, the installation of corrosion rate indicators is provided, the analysis of the data on which will make it possible to adjust the dosage of the inhibitor during the operation of the corrosion protection system. To reduce heat losses, the pipelines are made with electric heating and thermal insulation. The first dosing unit is installed in the gas separation building, the second in the triethylene glycol regeneration building, the third in the water treatment complex, and the fourth in the territory of the domestic wastewater treatment plant.

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Each of the inlet assemblies includes a manual control valve, a drain valve connected by a chemical reagent inlet pipeline, and a split flange with a supply tube equipped with a spray nozzle.

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The system for collecting, purifying and transporting wastewater is used as follows: an inhibitor composition is prepared by dissolving a nitrite-benzoate composition in water, adding zinc ions; then it is poured into the supply tanks of chemical dosing units. The inhibitor composition is fed into the wastewater stream once every seven days. The input nodes provide for remote control of manual valves.

The system for collecting, treating and transporting industrial rainwater and domestic wastewater together with an inhibitor composition is a simple technical solution, its implementation will reduce the corrosion rate in all areas of the wastewater collection, treatment and transportation system. The use of an inhibitor composition will reduce the influence of microbiological factors on corrosion processes.

«We are proud that we have managed to patent our innovative development. This confirms the novelty of the idea, the relevance of its application, manufacturability and safety of the structure. The water treatment system is adapted for use when collecting and pumping into the absorbing stratum wastewater generated during the operation of a gas field. It is quite simple, environmentally friendly and safe», - notes the co-author of the work, the chief power engineer of the Company Vladislav Ulyanov.

New technologies and advanced developments are the basis for sustainable development of the Company. OJSC Severneftegazprom regularly replenishes its collection of innovative developments, as evidenced by the number of patent and copyright objects received.

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