Operational control performance

The legal basis for organizing and monitoring compliance with labor protection and industrial safety requirements are the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” and other legislation in the field of occupational safety and industrial safety of the Russian Federation, as well as local regulations Companies.

In order to ensure internal control over compliance with labor protection and industrial safety requirements, the company organizes and implements production control. To ensure the proper functioning of the labor protection and industrial safety system, the Company has adopted a multi-level administrative and production control subdivided into four levels (I, II, III and IV levels), in which all employees are involved - from worker to managers at all levels.

A permanent commission on labor protection and industrial safety carries out prompt identification of deviations of working conditions factors from the requirements of current legislation on labor protection, rules, norms and safety standards, and makes decisions on their elimination, carries out long-term and current planning of measures to ensure safe and healthy conditions labor, has control over the expenditure of funds for these purposes.

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