The XII Mini-Football Championship of Novy Urengoy has ended


In the sports hall of the Yamal business center, the official closing of the XII Mini-football Championship of Novy Urengoy among amateur teams of the Super League clubs of the 2020-2021 season took place.

For the first time in the history of participation in the city championships, the SNGP team did not become one of the winners and was awarded with a diploma of a tournament participant.

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After a quick start and a victorious march, the team successfully made it to the playoffs, and nothing seemed to bode well for an unsuccessful final. But even having reached the top line of the standings, it is not always possible to firmly gain a foothold and maintain a leadership position.

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«The Kursk Bulge» for the SNGP team in this tournament was the third meeting with the Eriell team. Two defeats from our athletes during the Championship did not break their will to win. Having studied the peculiarities of our team's game during this time, Eriell managed to assemble an optimal line-up and develop a winning strategy. Both halves of this meeting were filled with attacks and counterattacks, unexpected tactical decisions, and brought aesthetic pleasure to the fans of both teams.

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As a result of the game with the Eriell team in the final match for the 3rd place, SNGP fought with the Urengoy United team. It cannot be said that our guys lost their fighting spirit - both teams were worthy of each other, but this time luck turned out to be on the side of the opponent.

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Having found themselves in fourth place in the Championship, SNGP athletes did not give up. Football is not an easy game in which victory depends on many factors. For our team, this Championship has become a necessary experience, the basis for rethinking the entire game strategy and making the necessary adjustments to the tactics of the game. A plan for future trainings has already been drawn up, changes in the composition of the team are being discussed - the guys are full of optimism and are determined to play well in the next tournament.

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