Excitement and adrenaline, sports and outdoor activities - all this is paintball!


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A paintball competition among the employees of OJSC Severneftegazprom was held last weekend.

The most active fans of extreme recreation had gathered on the territory of the Mashak base. Opening the corporate tournament, the representative of the Company's labor collective, the chief judge of the competition, Andrei Shemyakov, wished everyone good luck: «May every team show itself today. Wish you all victories, sporting successes and, most importantly, no injuries».

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Six teams competed for the title of the most accurate and solid: Forward, Forsage, Turbo, Shield, Prikuriuruchya, Mazila. Each consists of six people: two women and four men.

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After the traditional drawing of lots and greetings, safety briefings were held. All participants were introduced to the principles of work of equipment.

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One of the main rules of paintball - never take the mask off, even if paint got into it - was strictly followed. A raised weapon is a sign of a «killed» player that can no longer be a target.

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The task of the players is to start as a team from their base and seize the opponent's flag as quickly as possible. At the same time, using special pneumatic markers, strive to hit as many enemy players as possible. We played in groups, up to two victories. The time of one game is no more than five minutes.

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Each game was fast-paced. The situation on the pitch changed very quickly. No one succeeded in following any single tactic. The participants did their best, sparing no effort or emotion. A total of 23 games were played.

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Vadim Khlypovka, the captain of the Forsage team, said: «I haven't played paintball for a year and a half. It’s as if you don’t ride a bike for a very long time, and then you sit down and ride ... The weather is excellent, the main thing is that it’s not a shower and the snow has not yet settled».

Irina Tamazlykar, the captain of the Shield team shares her impressions: «We did not have any specific strategy for playing the game. You watch carefully so that no one is hitting you. It is very difficult to run in a protective mask, suit - the equipment is serious. We agreed at the beginning that each player tracks their own section of the field. We divided the field into sections, and each of us watched his own square. Paintball is a team sport. The guys ran forward, we covered the rear. I saw that the path was clear, and I ran - and in one of the games I brought victory to my team. Hooray! There are a lot of impressions, a lot of positives».

The winner of the competition was the Shield team of the Corporate Security Service of the Company.

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The silver medalist of the paintball tournament is the Mazila team, the team of the management staff of OJSC Severneftegazprom.

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And the third place belongs to Forsage team, which is also the team of the Company's management staff.

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Winners and awardees received commemorative cups, medals and gifts.

The competition was held in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures. Everyone who was on the sports field underwent a PCR test for coronavirus infection. The number of fans was also severely limited.

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Competitions were held outdoors. The weather that day was changing, autumn-winter: it sprinkled the athletes with snow, then warmed them with the sun. This did not spoil the friendly atmosphere that prevailed on the field. Excitement and good mood are pleasant bonuses of a weekend out in the open air.

Paintball competitions among the Company's employees are already a good sporting tradition of OJSC Severneftegazprom.

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