Patent for useful model №163152

25. Patent for useful model №163152

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Device for lubrication of the power generator bearing

Patent for useful model №163152(4.8 MB)


The utility model relates to electric power industry and it can be used on gas turbine units (GTU) installed in container shelters during routine maintenance work on the lubrication of the generator bearings on operating equipment in order to ensure safe conditions for lubrication work.

The task of the utility model is to develop an improved device that allows lubrication of the generator bearing on the operating power unit when installing equipment in a cramped container in compliance with safe working conditions.

The technical result consists in reducing forced shutdowns of a gas turbine unit during bearing lubrication, reducing gas consumption for carrying out start-ups and equipment shutdowns, respectively, saving fuel resources. This technical result is achieved in that the Bearing Lubricator Device of a power unit containing a lubricator according to the utility model, further comprises an extension tube for introducing grease, mounted on the lubrication hole of the bearing housing and a metal bracket securing the extension tube to the generator housing.