Patent for a useful model №156885

21. Patent for a useful model №156885

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Centrifugal compressor sealing device

Patent for a useful model №156885(1.1 MB)


The invention relates to the sealing technique and can be used to supply barrier gas during sealing of rotating shafts in the structures of centrifugal compressors, in particular, in sealing systems of gas pumping units.

During operation of compressors pumping explosive gases, atmospheric air enters enclosed volumes as the main hazard, since at a certain (critical) concentration the air oxygen forms an explosive mixture with possible leaks of the transported gas, which can lead to an explosion from contact with an open fire source or a spark. Therefore, the objective of this utility model is to eliminate the formation of a critical explosive mixture of process gas with air in the chambers of the compressor, chambers of the end seals, in the pipes connected to them and in the premises of the compressor station, as well as improving the reliability of the equipment.

The technical result of the proposed utility model is to increase the safety of the compressor shaft seals at elevated loads of equipment operation in the following modes: compressor start-up, shutdown, shutdown and emergency stop, as well as reducing the cost of the gas compressor unit servicing by simplifying the already existing structures and using a combined supply circuit barrier gas.