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First anniversary: 5 years since the launch of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field

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In December 2012, OJSC Severneftegazprom celebrated the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas condensate field, located in the Krasnoselkupsky District of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. This field, one of the largest in Russia in terms of reserves, is an important component of the resource base for the Nord Stream project, designed to ensure the energy stability of Europe.

Yamal wealth

In the depths of Yamal, 72.5% of Russia's natural gas reserves and 19.2% of oil and condensate are concentrated. This is an inaccessible area with severe climatic conditions: in winter temperatures reach 50 degrees below zero, and in summer 80% of the territory is covered with lakes, swamps and rivers.

The Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas condensate field (YuRNGKM) is unique in its structure and composition of hydrocarbon reserves, whose total volume exceeds one trillion cubic meters of gas and 40 million tons of oil and gas condensate.

The field was discovered by the Urengoi oil exploration expedition in 1969, but work on its development was begun in the early 1990s, when prospects were confirmed and a rapid assessment of gas and oil reserves was carried out.

Russian experience and foreign innovations

In June 2001, OJSC Severneftegazprom was established to develop the Yuzhno-Russkoye field, and two German companies joined its shareholders in 2007 and 2009. The project is international; three leading global concerns are involved in the development of the field: Gazprom, the German chemical concern BASF SE (its subsidiary Wintershall Holding GmbH), and E.ON AG (its subsidiary E. OH Exploration and Production GmbH). Each of the participants contributes to the common cause, as a result of which the accumulated experience of Gazprom in the development of fields in the Far North and permafrost is complemented by foreign experience: technical developments and innovations.

From project to project capacity

Work on the arrangement of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field began in 2006. For a record time for the gas industry in one and a half years, the field was equipped from scratch, and on December 18, 2007, a solemn ceremony of putting the Yuzhno-Russkoye field into commercial operation took place. The symbolic start button of the field was jointly pressed by the First Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Dmitry MEDVEDEV, and Vice-Chancellor, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter STEINMAYER.

“The commissioning of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field is the most important event in the activities of OAO Gazprom in 2007. This is a vivid example of the implementation in practice of a consistent policy of the company to increase its production capacity and create a reliable reserve in order to ensure the stability and security of gas supplies to the domestic and foreign markets. The launch of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field is an example of the successful implementation of new principles of cooperation between Gazprom and the world's leading energy giants, ”said Alexei Miller.

The successes of the joint project did not take long to come: just two years after the start of the field, in 2009, one year ahead of the plan, the South-Russian field was brought to its planned gas production capacity of 25 billion cubic meters a year. In 2011, the $ 75 billion was produced, and in May 2012, the $ 100 billion cubic meter of gas from the start of field development. Unique experimental well

OJSC Severneftegazprom was the first in Russia to begin implementation of a unique project for the pilot development of turonian gas deposits classified as hard-to-recover. As a result of the successful implementation of the project, the company - the first in Russia - was able to produce Turonian gas and submit it to the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia. For the time being, production of Turonian gas is carried out by one experimental well, which is unique for Russia.

The solemn ceremony of its launch took place in April 2012 in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of OAO Gazprom, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Severneftegazprom Alexander MEDVEDEV and the General Director of OAO Severneftegazprom Stanislav Tsygankov. Alexander MEDVEDEV called this event "a new stage in the development of the gas industry in Russia, involving the development of hard-to-recover gas reserves."

The potential and economic importance of the development of Turon is great, not only for the Gazprom Group, but also for the gas industry as a whole. The total reserves of the Turonian only in Western Siberia are estimated at about three trillion cubic meters, but until recently the gas producing enterprises of Russia did not start their development. The fact is that Turonian deposits belong to the category of hard-to-recover reserves.

Anomalously high reservoir pressure distinguishes them from the Cenomanian’s traditional gas production, tens of times worse permeability and gas recovery, complex temperature and pressure conditions, heterogeneity and facial variability of reservoirs. Development of a turon using traditional (for cenoman) vertical wells is inexpedient. A non-standard, innovative approach was required.

For OAO Severnetfetgazprom this did not become an obstacle. About more than two years ago, the company began an active search for ideas, attracted the best Russian and foreign specialists: Gazprom drilling, LLC AK Corvette, Halliburton. As a result of joint work, an experimental two-well well was built on the finished base of the existing bush, which was connected to the existing gas gathering network of the field. This particular well, with a gentle ending, makes it possible to exploit two Turonian formations simultaneously and independently of each other. For its operation was designed and manufactured unparalleled dual Christmas tree.

Today, the well works perfectly in the experimental mode, its flow rate exceeds the design level of 200 thousand cubic meters per day. In case of further successful implementation of the project, OJSC Severneftegazprom expects that the potential increase in annual gas production at the Yuzhno-Russkoye field may amount to five to eight billion cubic meters. The company is confident that its project to develop the Turonian deposits of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field will be successful.

Keeping the pace with the times: company technology

The high rates of implementation and the success of the project for the development of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field are largely due to the use of innovative technologies and the latest equipment. Technological solutions used in the field development can be called, without exaggeration, advanced, and the field of the Yuzhno-Russkoe field is one of the most modernly equipped in Russia.

The integrated gas treatment unit of OJSC Severneftegazprom is a highly automated complex. Automated control systems of the latest generation, equipped with a special instrumentation base, telemetry complex and software, allow remotely, with a single control panel, to exercise operational control over the technological processes of the main and auxiliary production, to maintain optimal parameters of equipment operation, instantly notify about deviations and react to them, prevent the development of abnormal and emergency situations.

Monitoring and control of the operation of gas wells and gas collectors is carried out using a set of software and hardware remote control, developed on the basis of NPF Vympel (Russia), using the latest advances in computing and actuators.

Eight natural gas dehydrators with modernized internal devices were manufactured according to the joint technical proposal of the companies VNIIGAZ LLC (Russia) and Sulzer Chemtech (Germany). The use of special internal devices made it possible to reduce the entrainment of triethylene glycol, to increase the productivity of the apparatus and the quality of gas drying.

At the YRNGKM booster compressor station, four Ural gas pumping units (Russia) were used to compress reservoir gas, equipped with electrically driven gas blowers manufactured by Iskra NPO (Russia) with magnetic suspensions system from S2M (France) and John Crane gas dry seals (Netherlands). This equipment in the complex of OJSC Severneftegazprom was used for the first time among the companies of the Gazprom Group. Moreover, the selected technical and economic solutions have significantly improved the reliability of operation of the booster compressor station, reduce the cost of lubricants, and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The commercial metering of commercial gas is carried out with high-precision ultrasonic flow meters MPU 1200 manufactured by FMC (Norway), which guarantee a very low measurement error of gas volume and are well-proven for perfect operation and ease of maintenance. The power plant of its own needs is equipped with seven autonomous gas-turbine plants OPRA (Netherlands), which provide an impressive total power generation, are reliable in operation, and also have high thermal, technical, economic and environmental performance.

The company continues to improve the technologies used in the field, keeps up with the times, and sometimes even leads them.

International financing

In addition to success in the technical part, OJSC Severneftegazprom was the first producing company of OJSC Gazprom, which managed to attract credit resources in foreign capital markets based on the principles of project financing to finance the development of the field.

An international consortium consisting of 14 foreign banks and the Russian OAO Gazprombank in 2011 provided the company with a loan totaling the equivalent of 1.1 billion euros. In January 2012, this deal was announced by Project Finance International (PFI) magazine as the deal of the year in the nomination “Deal in the Gas Industry”, and a month later, OJSC Severneftegazprom won the prize “Deal of the Year 2011” by Project Finance Magazine (PFM).

As the General Director of OJSC Severneftegazprom, Stanislav Tsygankov, noted in this connection: “The PFI award is convincing evidence of the recognition of Severneftegazprom by the foreign financial community as an advanced company operating according to high international standards.”

Achievements and prospects

By the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field, OJSC Severneftegazprom has achieved significant results. Separately, it should be mentioned that OJSC Severneftegazprom is the fifth-largest company in the Gazprom Group, one of its most promising and progressively developing enterprises.

However, the company does not plan to stop there. Stanislav Tsygankov sets high goals for himself and his colleagues for the future: “We will continue to work to the highest standards, we plan to remain an example of international cooperation and a leader among gas companies of the Gazprom Group in developing new deposits and applying new technologies in the field of gas production.”


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