OJSC Severneftegazprom summed up the results of professional skill contest for the title «Best in Profession» among electricians

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On December 11, on the eve of the power engineer day, the second final stage of the professional skill contest for the title «Best in Profession» among electricians was held at the Yuzhno-Russkoye gas field.

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The purpose of the event is to identify the strongest specialists of the energy supply service, who are employees of four sections (auxiliary power station, electricity supply section, electrochemical protection section, electrical laboratory), increase the professional level of employees, interest in professional growth and the prestige of the profession.

Before the start of the competition, the head of the field, Igor Dmitriev, wished the participants success, good luck and decent results and in an honest and uncompromising struggle.

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The sequence of tasks was determined by drawing lots.

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As part of the competition, participants had to pass theoretical and practical tests. The theoretical part included a knowledge test on the technical operation and safety requirements of using electrical installations, knowledge of the production process and an integrated management system in the field of quality, environmental protection, occupational and industrial safety.

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The practical part consisted of two tasks. On the first task, the participants had to demonstrate the correct procedure for releasing the victim from electric current.

During the second test, the contestants performed tasks simulating the work of electricians in the typical conditions of a company's production activities. They had to temporarily assemble the reverse engine starting circuit.

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The competition committee carefully monitored the performance of theoretical and practical tasks, if necessary asking clarifying questions to each participant of the contest.

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All the contestants showed decent results, proving their high level of knowledge of theory and accumulated practice, professionalism in the performance of technical tasks. The competition committee faced a difficult task identifying the best in profession.

Finally the winners were announced. The third place of honor was won by the electrician of the 5th category of the repair and maintenance service, Alexander Stopnevich. The second was Valery Kapisov, the 5th category electrician of the main control room of the auxiliary power station. The main prize of the competition went to Vladimir Terekhovoy, electrician of the 4th category of the repair and maintenance service.

Congratulations to the winners!

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