Reindeer Herder's Day in Tolka village

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On March 23, residents and guests of Tolka village celebrated one of the brightest and most spectacular national holidays - the reindeer herder’s day, which traditionally gathers a large number of participants and observers from all over the district.

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The organizers of the festival prepared a lot of contests, entertainment and sporting events on this day, but the most long-awaited and significant competition was reindeer-sled racing.

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Preparation to such competitions starts long before the spring holiday, and the opportunity to become a winner in deer races brings not only the status and respect for the owner of the team, but also means a winning of a solid prize.

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Once again, OJSC Severneftegazprom did not stand aside from the national holiday and provided material assistance in acquiring valuable prizes and gifts for the winners.

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On this day, those who resume the traditions of their ancestors and continue to lead the centuries-old nomadic way of life were honored. During the whole weekend, residents and guests of Tolka village had the opportunity to become participants in sporting events, cultural programs, taste national food, buy souvenirs, and spend a day off bright and unforgettable.

Photographers: Rusanov Sergey Anatolyevich; Shapoval Olga Valerievna, Skryagina Olga Leonidovna.

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