Charitable assistance in construction of a church in the Tolka village

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Alexander Plotnikov, Deputy General Director for Personnel Management of OJSC Severneftegazprom, on November 22 visited the Tolka village of the Krasnoselkupsky District Municipality, where a certificate was awarded for the provision of charitable assistance in construction of a new church.

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«The construction of churches in Russia has always been a concern for people. I wish you, with God's help, the early completion of the construction of a new church, which will undoubtedly become a holy place for many parishioners», said Alexander Plotnikov.

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Yury Fischer, head of the municipal unit of Krasnoselkupsky District, who was present at the event, thanked OJSC Severneftegazprom for the assistance rendered: «Next year Tolke is 90 years old. This event will coincide with the completion of construction. Thank you for your help, we are waiting for everyone to open a new church».

The head of the church, Igor Tkachuk, also thanked for their help: «The construction of the temple is necessary for everyone in whom the Orthodox faith of Holy Russia lives and grows stronger. After all, it is in the origins of Orthodoxy that our great power draws its strength. Thank you very much for your contribution to this charitable work. »

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In appreciation from the residents of the Tolka village, OJSC Severneftegazprom was presented with a gift: a hand-made sculptural group that will be donated to the Museum of the Society, as a memory of the sincerity and kindness of the Selkup region residents.

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