Renovation of a Memorial Cross at the Object of Cultural Heritage of the Yamal

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Dolgiy Passing Point at Sidelnikovo station is a part Salekhard-Igarka railway constructed in 1947-1953 known as Construction # 503. During this period acquired several: some called it ‘Stalinka’ and ‘Transpolar Mainline’, other called it as ‘The Road of Death’ or ‘The Dead Road’.

By the expertise conclusion as of June 20, 2012, this place was added to the unified state register list of the Cultural Heritage with the name ‘Sidelnikovo Station, Dolgiy Passing Point’.

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In June 2009, OJSC Severneftegazprom, supported by the Administration of Krasnoselkup District, installed and equipped the Memorial Cross close the Construction site, on the hill of the Taz river shore.

Поклонный крест в 2010 году
Memorial Cross in 2010
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Since that, every time the Company’s representatives visited Krasnoselkup district, they headed for the Memorial cross to lay flowers.

However, the initial look of the monument couldn’t stay unchanged for a long period under such harsh climate conditions of Yamal. After 9 years, the Memorial Cross required closer attention. According to the results of the survey, Severneftegazprom’s management together with the Administration of Krasnoselkup district took a decision on necessity of restoration.

So, exactly after 9 years had passed, in June 2018, construction works to restore the Memorial Cross and to equip the adjoining territory were performed. The areas of the Cross covered with rust were cleaned and painted. The inscription “God, save and protect Russia” was renovated from the both sides, with the inscription to be seen from the river applied with light-reflecting effect.

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A lot of attention was put to develop the adjoining territory. The hill at the foundation of the Cross and the around were paved with cobblestone. At the hill itself, a decorative fence was installed.

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The pavement was also made along the path that leads from the Cross to the pavilion established earlier. There is a metal on-ground furnace installed on the site near the pavilion. The pavilion itself together with a table and benches were painted in blue color that is predominant in Severneftegazprom’s corporate style.

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Aleksey Zakharov, Head of the Department of the Administrative Building Maintenance in Krasnoselkup, who participated in the Cross installation, shared some historical data on this unique location: «Dreadful legacy of GULAG had its direct impact on Krasnoselkup district, since the Construction # 503 was carried out on its territory. All that’s left today are four immobile locomotives, a part of railway road covered with thick forest and a railway depot destroyed by time. In order to perpetuate the memory of repressions victims, Severneftegazprom together with the Administration of Kranoselkup district, blessed by Bishop of Tyumen and Tobolsk Dmitry, established this Memorial Cross.»

The place has become famous, demanded and frequented by the residents of both Krasnoselkup and other regions. Boat swimming along the river often stop by. Performed repair and renovation provided to visitors more comfortable conditions to get acquainted with special places of our country.

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Historical reference:

Railway road Salekhard-Igarka, 1947-1953, had to run along the Polar Circle, in permafrost. The road was strategical and had to connect separate regions of the Norhern Siberia, rich in mineral resources. The construction was under secret and had two directions: Ob direction (# 501) and Igarka direction (# 503). At Dolgiy passing point there are locomotives, vehicles, remnants of railway roads and depot, ruins of barracks and buildings with their foundations deepened in soil, burials of convicts, system of river moors. Dolgiy was designed to accommodate free-lancers, here were situated some administrative, social buildings (a kindergarten) and household buildings (car repair shop). The buildings of the settlement were oriented along the north-east – south-west line. Today the settlement hosts twenty buildings, most of which are practically destroyed.

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