OJSC Severneftegazprom Held a Demonstration Training on Civil Defense

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June 6, Yuzhno-Russkoye oil, gas and condensate field hosted a demonstration training on getting protection facilities ready to sheltering and on arranging the sheltering of the most part of the gas field’s shift workers in protection facilities.

The training was held in four stages. During the 1st stage the management structures and departments of OJSC Severneftegazprom were notified about the threat of wartime emergency situations.

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The 2nd stage included getting to readiness of the units responsible for the implementation of civil defense activities, as well as the preparation of vehicles to deliver personnel of that units to the issue point of individual protection equipment (living quarters #4, shift residential complex).

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The receiving of designated equipment by the personnel of the units and preparation of radiation-monitoring instruments were arranged at the issue point.

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After that, the 3rd stage started – bringing the anti-radiation shelters of OJSC Severneftegazprom into readiness to locate the personnel. The following actions were carried out:

- airing and inspection of the anti-radiation shelter’s premises (living quarters #4, shift residential complex);

- check of the ventilation system and its start-up, preparation of the premises and instruments setting for the civil defense headquarters of OJSC Severneftegazprom when sheltering personnel in protective facilities;

- preparation of sanitary post, supplying with all necessary medical devices and equipment to provide the first medical aid for sheltered personnel and off-duty staff;

- installation of the tablets showing the location of the shelter’s premises and civil defense headquarters;

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- measuring the equivalent dose rate of X-ray and Y-radiation in the shelter and in the adjusting territory by DRBP-03 radiation dosimeter;

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- check (with start-up) of the standby diesel power station;

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- delivery of construction materials and preparation to laying (sealing) of windows and doorways at the anti-radiation shelter, checking the condition of reinforced concrete bridges designed for laying doorways;

- preparation of fare and potable water to be placed into the anti-radiation shelters.

Having reported anti-radiation shelter readiness to accept the personnel, the Chief of Civil Defense Headquarters orders to the Deputy Head of the Gas Field to evacuate duty staff from the territory of the gas field and to deliver them by vehicles to the anti-radiation shelter of the Residential complex for the issuing individual protection equipment and sheltering them.

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Организовано обеспечение средствами индивидуальной защиты (противогазами ГП-7) персонала газового промысла (наибольшей работающей смены) и их размещение в ПРУ. Также в ПРУ организовано размещение членов штаба гражданской обороны.

The provision of the individual protection equipment (GP-7 gas masks) for the gas field’s staff (the most part of the shift on duty) and their sheltering, together with the members of the Civil Defense Headquarters, were carried out.

After the end of the demonstration goes off the order from the Head of Civil Defense Headquarters: "To the attention of all the participants – the demonstration is over, all the members of the Civil Defense Headquarters and Chiefs of the off-duty units are to be gathered at the office of the Chief Engineer to sum up results."

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When summarizing, all the gathered members have drawn a conclusion that the training was conducted under the approved Plan, there weren’t any breaches of labor protection requirements, all the stages were carried out in full scope. Tasks fulfilment during the course of the training  was well estimated by the Head of the Civil Defense Headquarters of OJSC Severneftegazprom.

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