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Employees of OJSC Severneftegazprom and their family members took part in the celebrations dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory.

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On May 8, the solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the Eternal Flame was held on the Memory Square. Traditionally, veterans and homefront workers, employees of the Administration, deputies of the City Duma, representatives of enterprises and institutions of the city, pupils of schools, pupils of kindergartens and citizens  gathered to honor the memory of fallen soldiers. Employees of OJSC Severneftegazprom also came to pay tribute to the immortal feat of the Russian people.

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On May 9, a column of OJSC Severneftegazprom was held as part of a solemn procession dedicated to the main holiday - the Victory Day.

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The column was headed by cars decorated in the wartime technology style.

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Behind them, in the form of ordinary Soviet army, were employees of OJSC Severneftegazprom.

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The festive day was full of war songs, good mood, there were flowers and balloons everywhere.

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All present were imbued with the atmosphere of the holiday, felt its importance and the need to preserve and protect the memory of the Victory, which was taken with a heavy price.

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The holiday was continued by the All-Russian civil action "Immortal Regiment". Employees of OJSC Severneftegazprom held in an organized column holding portraits of their relatives who took part in the defense of our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War.

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