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The X Championship of New Urengoy in futsal is getting close to finish and the field battles are becoming more active and energetic. On April 14, a meeting of SNGP-Sever and Eriell teams was held in the gym of the Yamal business center. Despite the first place in the standings, the outcome of this meeting was decisive for SNGP-Sever - only the victory allowed to maintain the leading position. After all, at the second position with a minimum advantage the team “Children and Youth Sports School Yamburg” firmly settled, which our guys will have to meet next weekend.

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The SNGP-Sever and Eriell rivalry has more than one tournament, so the teams did not waste time on the build-up, but started immediately. At first, the game was going on with varying success - attacks and counterattacks followed one after another. The first to succeed were Eriell's players: on the 13th minute the ball flies through the gate of SNGP-Sever. The guys did not remain in debt. On the edge of a swift counterattack the Captain Alexander Strelets made the score 1:1.

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After exchanging balls, teams rebuild tactics with an emphasis on defense and retain a draw to the end of the first half.

The second half started just as actively and on 21 minutes, Andrei Sakharov, after an accurate transfer from Roman Gordienko, directs the ball to the gate of Eriell. 2:1.

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Rivals rather quickly balanced the score and SNGP-Sever dramatically change the tactics. All forces are redirected to attacks from the right flank, which immediately brings results - Artem Shvetsov scores two goals with a gap in one minute.

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Ariell, being afraid of defeat, also regrouped and, having gathered all forces, at the 34th minute, scored their third goal. Understanding that there is no place for mistakes in this game, our guys strengthen the defense, against which all enemy attacks are broken. The result of the meeting 4:3 in favor of SNGP-Sever.

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We must pay tribute to the guys from the Ariell team, they showed a decent game. For them, winning this match could offer a ticket to the top three. However, SNGP-Sever turned out to be the «one ball» stronger and were able to firmly establish themselves in the first position. The winner of the Championship will be determined on April 21 after meeting with the Children and Youth Sports School team Yamburg. And we congratulate our guys on the victory and wish them good luck! Stay the best!


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