The Severneftegazprom team is the winner of the Championship of YaNAO and the YaNAO Cup in mini-football


On July 14, the final games of the YaNAO Mini-Football Championship dedicated to the World Football Championship were held. The team of Severneftegazprom - the winner of the previous five rounds - met on the field with the teams of Griffin and Sodruzhestvo.

Team Severneftegazprom
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In the first game, our athletes stopped the winning tournament procession of the Gryphon team. Having thoroughly prepared for the duel, the guys took such a rapid pace that the Gryphon fighters had no chance of winning.

Alexander Strilets, captain of Severneftegazprom, performs a free-kick in the Griffon's goal
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Quick attacks and counterattacks almost always ended in a blow to the enemy's goal. Athletes "Griffin" once broke through our defenses, but the course of the meeting could not be changed. The Severneftegazprom team won with a score of 5:1.

Goal strike forward of the team "Severneftegazprom" Roman Gordienko
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Having won in this game, the Severneftegazprom team has already become the winner of the championship. Therefore, the players met the next meeting without much excitement, retaining their strength for the YaNAO Cup that started the next day. The opponent team "Sodruzhestvo" skillfully took advantage of this by grouping their strengths and calculating the weak points of our guys, the players of the “Sodruzhestvo” were able to get a victory with a score of 6:3.

The next day, the four leaders of the YaNAO Championship took part in a series of games of the YaNAO Cup. And the first meeting of the Severneftegazprom team took place with the Sodruzhestvo team. The game was dynamic, fascinating, with a lot of critical moments on both sides.

Forward of the team "Severneftegazprom" Rinat Isaev breaks through the defense of "Sodruzhestvo"
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Having won yesterday, the players of the “Sodruzhestvo” intended to repeat the success. But not at this time. The Severneftegazprom team reorganized the defense, successfully repelling the attacks of the enemy, and with rapid counterattacks managed to get ahead. The result of the meeting was 3:2 in favor of Severneftegazprom.

In the finals of the YaNAO Cup, the SibTransStroy team became our rival. The teams have already met in the 1st round of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Championship and were familiar with each other's tactics. Our athletes understood that experienced players were opposing them, and they put all their energy into this match, making a great show for the fans.

The goalkeeper of the Severneftegazprom team Ural Shiriyazdanov successfully repels the attack of the enemy
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The teams in this game used all sorts of techniques and tricks. Opponents were equal in strength and for a long time remained a draw by 1:1. However, towards the end of the second half, Severneftegazprom players were able to come forward. The result of the 2:1 meeting in favor of our team.

As a result of all the past games, the Severneftegazprom team became the winner of the YaNAO Championship and the YaNAO Cup, proving that it is the undisputed leader.

We did it!!!
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The captain of the winning team, Alexander Strelets, was named the best defender of both tournaments.

Alexander Strylets receives the prize of the best champion of the Championship
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We thank the guys for the great game and wish them new achievements and victories!

 2020 OJSC Severneftegazprom