The team of OJSC "Severneftegazprom" is the winner of the VI Open Tourist Festival "TURFEST ZPKT - 2018"


The 6th Open Tourist Festival TURFEST ZPKT - 2018, organized by LLC “Gazprom pererabotka”, was held in New Urengoy. The purpose of the festival is to promote healthy lifestyles and to enhance cultural activities.

The event started on July 28 at the site of the Melesta ski base. Tourist camps of nine teams participating in the Festival are located in this picturesque site. Among them is the team of OJSC Severneftegazprom, which was gathered and prepared by the Company's Youth Council.

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Opening the festival, the host welcomed the teams and wished everyone good luck. After the official part, preparations began for the festival's sports program. In this contest, the four members of each team needed to overcome all the difficulties of personal and team walking distance.

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During the tour, participants demonstrated the ability to knit basic tourist knots, knowledge and practical application of tourist equipment.

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After overcoming the tour distance, the athletes waited for a lunch break, when they could recover and prepare for the second part of the Festival. To the time of their arrival, a beautiful half of the team had already prepared a delicious soup, and men, who did not take part in the sports program, removed a flavored kebab from the grill.

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The competition program of the Festival consisted of two parts. At first, all the teams took part in Team Building, designed to increase team spirit, rally the team, add coherence and efficiency to its actions. This part included eight contests in which teams had to demonstrate agility, ability to act together, knowledge of tourist terms, the geography of their country, the topography of the area and the friendliness of flora and fauna encountered by tourists on the way.

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Then everyone expected a song contest in which participants demonstrated their creative qualities. All the teams showed an original approach to the assignment and greatly cheered up all those who had gathered.

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And then came the exciting moment - awarding the winners. The teams were actively discussing their chances for leadership in any competition and peeked at cups and diplomas.

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The winners were awarded by the Chief Engineer of LLC “Gazprom Pererabotka”. He thanked all the teams for their participation, congratulated on the successful passing of the competitions and expressed hope for a meeting next year.

As a result, the team of OJSC Severneftegazprom showed good cohesion, the will to win and took the 3rd place in the sports program, the song contest and overall.

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We would like to express our gratitude to Gazprom Pererabotka LLC for the excellent organization and holding of the Tourist Festival.

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