Football dedicated to the Day of Russia


On June 11 and 12, a mini-football tournament dedicated to the Day of Russia was held, in which the SNGP-Sever team took part.

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The tournament was held in 2 stages. On June 11, games were played between teams of the same group. June 12 - semi-final matches with the winners of the groups, the final match between the leaders of the semi-finals, as well as the game for the 3rd and 4th places.

On June 11, SNGP-Sever fought for leadership in the group with the teams of Gazpromgeofizika and Vatan. And, as always, did not disappoint the fans, showing a high class game.

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The result of the confrontation with the team "Gazpromgeofizika" - 11:1 in favor of our team. Vatan won with a score of 8:3.

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In the semifinals, the SNGP-Sever team was waiting for a meeting with the winner of another group. It turned out to be the Storm team. The game was dynamic and fascinating. SNGP-Sever again demonstrated a high level, winning a victory with a score of 9:2.

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In this match, even our goalkeeper Shiriyazdanov Ural distinguished himself, scoring the ball into the opponent's goal from a penalty, appointed by the referee for a violation in the penalty area.

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And here is the final. Ironically, in the match for the 1st place, the opponent "SNGP-Sever" again became the team "Vatan", which won the second semi-final.

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This time, the Vatan players, who studied our tactics in the last game, attempted to transfer all attacks to our half of the field. And although this strategy did not bring them victory, the frequent and rapid raids twice broke through the defense of SNGP-Sever.

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The outcome of the final meeting 7:2 in favor of the team "SNGP-Sever". Well done boys! Keep it up!

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