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On February 22 in the shooting range of the sports complex of Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg a shooting competition among employees of OJSC Severneftegazprom was held, dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

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Before the start of the competition, a representative of the work team, Andrei Shemyakov, made a welcoming speech. He congratulated the audience on the upcoming Defender of the Fatherland Day, and wished everyone exceptional precision and good luck.

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Each participant has a total of 25 shots - 5 trial and 20 in the test. The targets are confronted by 8 people at the same time. All shooters are extremely focused. Silence is broken only by clicks of locks and deaf impacts of bullets on targets. For a successful shot, you need to drop all unnecessary thoughts and narrow the world to one black point. Sight, breath hold, trigger - there it is! And so, yielding to the calmness and confidence of the shooter, the cherished dozen will fall out.

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The competition was held in the individual championship among both men and women. And I must say, the "weaker sex" showed very good results. In the top three leaders of the women's championship, the places were distributed as follows: the third place was taken by the secretary of the Executive, Christina Zlobina, knocking out 188 points. On the second, the deputy head of the planning and economic department, Olesya Chugunova, firmly settled down, with 189 points scored on her account. And Irina Sherman, a specialist of the 2nd category of the department of property protection, became the undoubted favorite of bullet shooting among women. She managed to score 195 points.

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In the men's three leaders, the participants entered with a minimum gap on the knocked out points. Bronze was won by software engineer of the 1st category of public relations and mass media service, Yuri Paliychuk, who hit the target by 194 points. Alexander Kravchenko, head of the engineering and technical security department, was knocked out by 195 points and Eugeny Lonsky, an accountant in the first category of the materials accounting group. In this case, the leader was determined by the number of tens knocked out in a row. And then luck was on the side of Eugeny, who became the gold medalist of the competition in the men's championship.

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Congratulations to the winners with high results, we wish them good luck, new achievements and victories. Well done, keep it up!

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