The Yuzhno-Russkoye field stands at the forefront of the industry in technological and engineering solutions.

Severneftegazprom’s gas treatment facility is a highly automated complex, one of the most sophisticated in Russia. It is outfitted with advanced domestic and foreign equipment that combine high precision technology, automation, and design solutions.

Automated control systems are equipped with a special instrument base, a telemetric complex, and the latest software from Siemens. The system controls technological processes in basic and ancillary production through a single panel and supports the best exploitation parameters for the equipment, including instant notification of deviations to prevent uncommon and emergency situations from developing.

The monitoring and control regime for the gas wells and gas gathering line headers operates with hardware and software telemechanics developed at Vympel in Russia. The complex was built using the latest achievements in computing technology and operating units.

Internal devices in eight natural gas absorbers-dryers were modernized in accordance with joint technical recommendations from VNIIGAZ (Russia) and Sulzer Chemtech (Germany). These special internal devices reduce carryover of triethylene glycol, increase the apparatuses’ productivity, and improve the quality of gas dehydration.

At the Yuzhno-Rysskoye booster compression station eight Ural (Russia) gas compressor units have been outfitted with gas injectors with an electric drive produced by ISKRA (Russia), a system of magnetic suspensions from S2M (France), and a dry gas compressor from John Crane (Netherlands). Severneftegazprom was the first among companies in the Gazprom Group to be equipped with this complex. These technical-business decisions significantly improve the booster compression station’s reliability in exploitation, reduce expenses for lubricants, and decrease negative impact on the environment.

Commercial calculation of marketable gas is done using MPU 1200 high-precision ultrasonic flow meters from FMC (Norway). The meters guarantee very low deviation in gas volume measurement, operate faultlessly, and are serviced with ease.

The electric station providing energy for the field is equipped with OPRA (Netherlands) independent gas turbines that produce an impressive amount of aggregate power. The units are distinguished for their reliability; and performance indicators for thermotechnical, fiscal, and environmental parameters are extremely high.

At all phases of the production process, Severneftegazprom uses modern management systems with the most advanced software and technical complexes.

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